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We provide customized medication packaging for your convenience and medication adherence.

Babcock Pharmacy & Surgicals offers blister packaging or also known as compliance/pill packages. These packages are designed to help patients adhere to their medication by printing the dosage of the specific medicine and time and day that the medication should be taken.

Prior to packaging, all medications are reviewed by a licensed pharmacist to reduce drug interactions and ensure that accurate information will be printed on the package.

Advantages of Blister Packaging

  1. Convenience. You can bring it anywhere and know that it is the right medicine since name, dosage, and time are printed on the packaging.
  2. Safety. The medicine is packaged individually and tightly sealed, so contamination and damage are less likely to happen.
  3. Compliance. You will know whether you’ve missed a dose or not.
  4. Visibility. You can visibly see the medicines and take into account the number of medications inside the packaging.
  5. Customization. The packaging of your medications is customized to fit the storage needs of medicine and your preferences.
  6. Freshness. We use plastic and aluminum in the packaging. In the pharmaceutical industry, these materials are best used to preserve the freshness of medicines.

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