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What are over-the-counter drugs?

These are medicines that you can buy without a prescription from a doctor. They are safe and effective for use by the general public. Some OTC drugs relieve aches and allergies, while some treat diseases like athletes foot and other skin problems.

What’s the difference between generic and brand-name drugs?

Generic medicines are as effective as costlier brand-name products. They have the same active ingredients and pass the same quality standards for manufacturing and packaging. Their only main difference is the cost, since generic manufacturers compete directly on price, resulting in lower prices for consumers.

Are you available for health counseling and consultation?

Yes. We have pharmacists ready to assist you with your healthcare needs and answer your questions regarding your prescriptions and condition. Just click here to schedule a consultation.

How do I order refills?
You can fill out our refill request form or visit our pharmacy to order a refill.
How do I pay for my prescription?

You can pay for your medications in cash, credit card, or through insurance. Contact our staff to learn more about our payment options.